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Ritchie Shoemaker, M. D., is a recognized leader in patient care, research and education pioneer in the field of biotoxin related illness.  While illness acquired following exposure to the interior environment of water-damaged buildings (WDB) comprises the bulk of Shoemaker’s daily practice, other illnesses caused by exposure to biologically produced toxins are quite similar in their “final common pathway.”  What this means is that while the illness might begin acutely with exposure to fungi, spirochetes, apicomplexans, dinoflagellates and cyanobacteria, for example, in its chronic form, each of these illnesses has similar symptoms, lab findings and Visual Contrast Sensitivity findings.  Taken together the inflammatory illness from each of these diverse sources is known as a Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.  
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Pocomoke CityMD 21851
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Neil Nathan, MD

Neil Nathan
Dr. Nathan has a gentle approach and a commitment to healing. He looks for and respects the individuality and uniqueness of each patient he sees, viewing each visit as an opportunity to discover which component of healing might still be missing. His unique bio-chemical approach blends traditional and alternative medicine, using the best of both worlds.
At the welcome invitation of his longstanding friend and colleague, Eric Gordon, MD, he joined Gordon Medical Associates in April 2009. This allowed him to become a part of this medical community, along with the bonus of being closer to his three children and his wife’s family, all of whom reside on the West Coast. Dr. Nathan opened the Fort Bragg branch of GMA in August, 2009.

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